The Hollywood Interpretation Of The Urban America

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Ragtime introduces the audience to the extravagant lifestyle of the wealthy in the 1900s in cities like New York. Along with the unpleasant lifestyles and living conditions of the urban poor. The Hollywood interpretation of the Urban America relates to the America: a Narrative History text’s corresponding chapter. In contrast, Ragtime adds a more excitement and Drama to this time in history. The crowded apartments apparent in the movie accounted for the overflowing immigrants relocating to the city for more excitement and most importantly the opportunity for work. For example, a man in the movie named Tateh who is a street vendor sells his hand crafted silhouettes and raised his daughter. He also finds job opportunities through selling…show more content…
Ragtime was very distinctive in comparing the wealthy class from the poor class. The family living in New Rochelle resided in a luxury house with more free space compared to the crowded confined apartments that the poor urban people lived in. The wealthy had maids that served them their meals and assisted with household duties. Other advantages for the wealthy that were included in the book were that they had a free living life style. The wealthy rode in street cars that made it easier to travel to the city for business and entertainment. Unlike, the poor who did not have the advantage to commute to other places because they did not own a form of transportation or could not afford to take the bus. The wealthy also had the opportunity to invest in business, build mansions and construct museums and libraries to make more money. Not the mention, children who were born into a wealthy family had the advantage of growing up living the rich lifestyle as their parents did. Well the poor and their children remained at their same social status. In the movie there were two iconic women who had very different lifestyles. One woman, who was named Evelyn, was more free spirited and lived her life the way she wanted to. Evelyn also had men in her life that were very fond of her and manifested a sexual desire for her. The other women played a wife and lived a more conservative lifestyle. In her relationship with her
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