The Holocaust: A Brief Story Of The Holocaust

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Holocaust Novel
There has been news that the Nazi party is falling. We have been hiding David for three years now. This is some of the best news we have had in a long time. When we had heard of what the Jewish Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, our hearts filled with joy knowing that something is finally being done in these prisons and prisoners are escaping. We had told David of what was happening when we fed him dinner, and was the happiest he had been in forever.
Three months later, David’s sister Rachel had knocked on our door asking if David was home. He had heard her voice and used all of his strength to break free of the annex he had been hiding in. He ran into the room and was horrified when he saw a skinny, beaten, broken girl standing in the doorway. She had been living in the Ghetto in Lodz, Poland. She told us how
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Hitler was losing the war and the Nazi’s were retreating back to Germany. One night in August 1945 the town rumbled and shook with the rumble of big truck engines. The noise only got louder and lower with people cheering behind it. We looked out of our front door and waited for what felt like forever. There were lights turning the corner with a big transportation truck with a white star in the hood. My parents ran into the streets and began dancing, laughing, crying, and chasing the truck into the town square. I sprinted upstairs to the annex and shook David and Rachel to tell them the big news. I helped them out of the annex and into the time square to show them the truck from the Allies. We all danced in the square until the morning and went back to living life like we did before the war.
David and Rachel got on a train back to Gdansk. We wrote letters back and forth whenever we could stay connected. They had told us that they had found their mother. They later found out that he had been killed in Auschwitz. We would meet again multiple times before coming to
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