The Holocaust : A Despicable Time

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In situations of crises, people can have different reactions; some people might be destroyed by the hardships associated with being forcefully imprisoned in concentration camps, others may transcend above these crises through their strengths. In fact, many people in the Holocaust reacted differently; some by rising above with strength and determination while others exiled their faith to the shadows forever. Throughout history, several different reactions have been accounted for but some do not take the time to think of why survivors reacted in the manner that they did. By doing this, many people will gain greater insight on just how devastating the Holocaust was, even though some chose to make light out of darkness. Therefore, though the Holocaust is a despicable time in history, many chose to write memoirs about it in order to share their tales of both devastation and conquer to all who were unaware of the Holocaust’s significant affect on people (since many chose to turn their heads the other way while this was happening.) Overall, there were mixed reactions regarding the Holocaust, some using it to make themselves stronger, while others were severely affected; suffering from blows that would never heal. In the event of a massive crisis, like the Holocaust, many people are left devastated as a result. Some people, however, are left with scars that cannot be healed, which leaves their lives spiraling downwards. For example, Meri Katz says, “Shlomo, I
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