The Holocaust : A Holocaust

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The Holocaust is one of the most well known genocides that have taken place. It had destroyed millions of Jewish lives and has caused a historical pain to these people that cannot be taken away till this day. The Holocaust can be seen from Goldhagen’s perspective of eliminationism. It did have all of the five steps and yet there was uniqueness about the Holocaust. The first one that can be looked at is the concentration camp itself. The history of the camp and the stories are still being unfolded till this day. From the prospective of Victor Frankl, I will prove that the Holocaust was unique.
One of the first ways that the Holocaust can be seen was when Frankl was taken in by the German soldiers to be sent to the camp. It was Frankl who had stated that everyone in that train knew what would happen to them. This was the first unique event, the fact that the sick and old knew that they would be sent to the gas chambers (Frankl, Page 18). This caused fights to break out for people’s families to be saved, “the selection process was the signal for a free fight among all the prisoners, or of group against group. All that mattered was that one 's own name and that of one 's friend were crossed off the list of victims, though everyone knew that for each man saved another victim had to be found.” (Frankl, Page 18). This was one of the first differences when the Holocaust is discussed versus the Armenian genocide. Though in the Armenian genocide many families had saved their children

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