The Holocaust : A Important Part Of History

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The Holocaust is a topic that some think of as a very essential part of history that students should learn about. On the other hand, some would argue that it is too severe for middle school students. Without a doubt, Nazis abused their large power and used it towards destruction and in so, violated civil rights and killed 6 million Jews. The Holocaust was a turning point in history that is only taught based on the judgement of schools. The Holocaust Museum in Houston says, “During the Holocaust religious, moral, and legal systems failed in deterring the dangers of prejudice.” This can compare to how there is a large debate on whether students should or shouldn’t learn about the Holocaust and topics similar to it. The Holocaust was a major part of history that has influenced many people and advanced the future to where we are now; thus, we should educate the the younger generation since teaching about the Holocaust enables you to advance into a better human being, students can use their critical thinking skills, and it honors those who have passed and survived. The students who have educated themselves about the Holocaust understand that the Nazis were terrible and desecrated basic human rights and liberties. This allows them to become a better citizen with the interpretation that they serve humanity for the better. When learning about tragic topics like the Holocaust, they can make preconceptions between history and their own lives and moral choices. Students can also
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