The Holocaust : A Large Scale, State Sponsored, Systematic Murder Of Innocent Jews

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To introduce the Holocaust, I want to provide a brief overview of the event. The Holocaust was a large scale, state-sponsored, systematic murder of innocent Jews across Europe carried out by the German military and authorities. Germans believed that their race was superior to the Jewish race. Jews were deemed, “life unworthy of life”. (1) The Holocaust was a result of this strong German belief, which led to the attempted annihilation of the Jews. The German government called the plan to annihilate the Jewish people “The Final Solution”. Nearly six million out of the nine million European Jews were murdered in total. This means that two-thirds of the European Jewish population was wiped out in less than 10 years. Although Jews were the main target of the Nazi regime, others were viewed as inferior as well. These peoples included, Gypsies, Communists, Socialists, Jehovah 's Witnesses, some Slavic peoples, and homosexuals.
Today, we know that although the Germans did not succeed in their plan to annihilate the Jews, the Holocaust remains a devastating chapter in history. This essay will attempt to inform you of the terrible reality of the Holocaust and Canada’s role in it.

(We, as a nation, should be held responsible for ignoring and downplaying the importance of the events happening in Europe.)
In the year 1933, six years before World War II began, the Nazi party came to power in Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. At this point, the German nation was in an
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