The Holocaust : A Life Changing Event That Made Both The Conquered And Conquerors

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The memoirs and stories that we have read and discussed in class have described The Holocaust as a life changing event that made both the conquered and conquerors question if there was any faith left in humanity and what were their true motives. Arguably the most horrific event of the twentieth century and even in Earth’s history, The Holocaust devastated most of Central and Eastern Europe. It separated loved ones, most of the time forever. These stories display the courage and hope of ordinary people who just wanted to make it to the next day, by any means necessary. While reading I noticed that gender played a major role when it came to separating labor camps and concentration camps. Men and women were not allowed to be together at all. This created a disturbing environment for both the men and women that were being forced into these camps. While both groups faced discrimination and physical abuse, women had it much worse. They were often sexually assaulted and even raped by the men who were in charge of them. “I would have rather gone without food, or worked twenty-four hours straight through, than bear physical punishment” (Klein 174). Gerda explains that the physical punishment they endured was much worse and demoralizing than just working or going without food. The Jewish people basically had no rights and were treated as completely inferior to German men and women. The camp instructors viewed this as a justifiable reason to mistreat the Jewish…
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