The Holocaust : A Racist Leader Making Everyone Hate The Jews?

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A genocide is a event where a large amount of people get killed for being different, they can have a different belief, or just by being part of a different race. The holocaust was one of the worst genocides ever in human history but it wasn 't the only genocide in this world full of unequal people. The holocaust was done because of a racist leader making everyone hate the Jews for really inhuman reasons. Making people join his way of thought.They felt that the most powerful and best race was the "tall, white, blue-eyed people." This made other people in other countries think, "eliminating those you don 't like or are in the way," this caused them to hate others for being different. Then they started doing very gruesome things, and…show more content…
They were more peaceful and worked hard. In the nineteenth century europe colonized africa and divided it up into pieces, Germany got Rwanda, but after the world war , they couldn’t keep keep it and gave it to the Belgians, they made great contact with the tutsis. In 1933 Belgium issued ethnic identification cards to them to see who were tutsi and who were the hutu. The belgians made sure that more jobs and education went to the tutsis rather than the hutu. Then democracy came and Belgium went to the Hutu’s side, later Rwanda got its independence from the belgians, but there was still war between the tutsi and the hutu, they killed and killed each other, until the tutsi started fleeing into bordering countries. Near the 1990’s the tutsi were getting a bit “home sick” so they gathered a rebel army named the “RPF” they came to Rwanda to try to sort things out. But the hutu heard of this and started making speeches, “the tutsi will make you into slaves, and take over your family”, “The tutsi are coming”. And made the tutsi look like bad people who the hutu feared. The two countries, (where the tutsi where and where the hutu where, Rwanda). They tried to sort things out but the hutu were dying of fear. On April, 4th, 1994, the tutsi attacked and killed the president. Then the next one hundred days of genocide will begin to eliminate all hutu. This didn’t shock the bordering countries as much because they knew the hutu, and the tutsi will never get
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