The Holocaust : A Secret Plan

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“Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” (Dictionary). This word is used for labeling a rare and commonly vial situation. The Holocaust, a term referred to the explanation of the alleged massacre of six million Jewish people, is often labeled as a conspiracy. Those who tag the 1900’s Holocaust as a hoax are frequently known as ‘Holocaust Deniers. Debating Holocaust denial includes arguments such as holocaust documented facts, practice of things such as gas chambers, falsely proclaimed amount of Jews essentially murdered, and illegalization of holocaust denial. The holocaust took place in Germany when Adolf Hitler, son of Klara and Alois Hitler, took his place as dictator over the country. Adolf had been the leader of the Nazi party from June 29, 1921 through his death date of August 30, 1945. He took his stand as Fuhrer of Germany on August 2nd, 1934. Fuhrer, meaning leader or guide, was a name adopted specifically to Adolf for himself by himself.
The Holocaust was the assassination of six million Jews. Adolf was regularly referred to as a “mad man” but did he truly possess a mental illness? No, Hitler’s only true diagnoses was “Diagnoses of a Destructive Prophet” (Oxford). Adolf led the Nazi party to killing these innocent people because the Jews were blamed for losing the Second World War. By doing this, Hitler fashioned his enemy. In the Jewish religion, a term used to describe the mass killings was ‘scapegoat’. This meant a person
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