The Holocaust : A War Hero After World War I

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American River College The Holocaust Ferris Spears World History Yousef Batarseh 3 December 2015 The point of where this all began was when Adolf Hitler came to became known as a war hero after World War I, and soon after gaining enough power to become chancellor of Europe in January of 1933. In March of 1933 one of the world 's greatest and worst tragedies in history began. This tragedy was the holocaust where the Jews were persecuted, and killed all because of the man named Adolf Hitler. He used his power and influence on others to make it seem like the Jewish people were behind everything that had happened to them. There were many things that they did to the Jews that were inhuman and evil to the very core. One thing they…show more content…
In 1919 he had become the leader of that party and tried to overthrow the government that was in place at the time. This treason was the reason he had landed in prison for many years, in which time he created his autobiography which was called (My Struggle). He was released in 1924 and was starting to regain his popularity in Germany going after the treaty of Versailles and he also had started to promote the anti-communism with Nazi propaganda. As time had passed Hitler had started to become more and more popular with the people which intern helped his influence in the government grow and allowed him to give that extra push on being able to demolish communism. This also had given him and his party that he created the chance to become more powerful and greater political pull. This is the reason why they many propaganda against their opposing political parties who they had referred to as “the weak Weimar government and the Jews whom the Nazis blamed for Germany 's ills.” From this phrase you can tell how they think that anyone that does not flow their politics is no better than the Jews; who they think of as inferior, and see them as the problem to all the wrongs that happen to Germany. This is when the Nazi started using propaganda as an assault against the Jews. The most major propaganda tool that they used was the “weekly Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer (The Attacker)” Every week the
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