The Holocaust : An Abstract

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The Holocaust Era: Keith Hearn ENC 1101 Professor Robin Rogers 7/21/16 Abstract An abstract is a brief summary—usually about 100 to 120 words—written by the essay writer that describes the main idea, and sometimes the purpose, of the paper. When you begin your research, many scholarly articles may include an abstract. These brief summaries can help readers decide if the article is worth reading or if addresses the research question, not just the topic, one is investigating. The Holocaust Era: The holocaust could very well be the most catastrophic event that has occurred to date. When Hitler acquired power and assumed credit for a thriving economy, he labeled his position as a dictator. As a person of power, Hitler looked for change, and as you may imagine, needed followers. Like other extremists, Hitler had a tremendous prejudice against the Jews. While he was serving a prison sentence for nine months, Hitler composed a book titled “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). From beginning to end, Hitler stated the Jews were to blame for all struggles. In 1919, Hitler gained attention from a few, but during the mid-1930’s, he had thousands of people listening to every word he said, which also included his feelings of extreme hatred directed towards the Jews. The word anti-semitism means prejudice against and hatred for the Jews. It was apparent that Hitler had developed a severe hatred for the Jews, but unfortunately he was not the only one. Some people still believe it
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