The Holocaust : An Special Incident

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Over the last two and a half millennia, the Jewish people have faced hardship and intolerance from various groups living beside them. A number of historians however believe that of all the atrocities committed against the Jewish people, none parallel the Holocaust. While these historians believe that the Holocaust was a unique occurrence, history rejects this notion of Nazi anti-semitism being an special incident. Disregarding preceding events, most notably the enslavement of the Jewish people by the Egyptians, aggression against the Jewish people has precedent in events occurring over two and a half thousand years ago. In the fifth century BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon catalyzed the Jewish Diaspora after destroying a five hundred year jewish temple in Israel and forcing the Jewish people into exile. Although many Jews eventually returned home when the more tolerant Persian empire came to power, dominion was soon transferred to the Roman Empire who again forced the Jewish people into exile. The Romans annihilated a substantial portion of the Jewish population and compromised the identity of the Jewish homeland by renaming it Palaestina. Jews would be scattered throughout the empire, in places such as Germany, at this time. Centuries later, Christianity would be declared the official religion of the empire. Using the infrastructure of the Roman Empire, Christianity would become the dominant religion throughout Europe. Fortunately, the Jews were mainly able to
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