The Holocaust And Cruelty Toward The Jews And The Holocaust

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As Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel once said, “In Jewish history there are no coincidences.” The term the “Holocaust” has a very specific meaning to most people today. It refers to the genocide of innocent Jews due to prejudice views of Hitler during World War II. The mass killings of these Jews were tremendously awful. People are quick to blame the death of these innocent Jews on Hitler, which is ultimately true, but this was not the first time Jews had gone through similar injustices. In fact, Cruelty toward the Jewish people began in the middle ages with discrimination and mild massacres. They have been highly mistreated and no one really talks about early views on Jewish people. Although Hitler’s cause of hatred could have originated from somewhere very different, the people that lived during the middle ages main cause of hatred toward Jews is drawn from religious points of view. So, the very familiar Holocaust, popularly known as the Jewish annihilation during Hitler's reign, was not the first genocide of Jewish people. Rather, the Jewish people have been persecuted on various occasions, the first being during the middle ages.
Judaism has been around for a long time. Many believers come together to form the Jewish community. Judaism believes in “the existence of one god and his choice of Jews as a [the] chosen people who will establish an example for all nations” (Donnin). Donnin who is a Jewish guide, lead the Jewish community despite persecutions of Jews (Ruggiero

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