The Holocaust And Its Effects On The Jews And The Rest Of The World

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The Holocaust was a systematic government enforced persecution and murder of the Jews that took place throughout Nazi-occupied territories under the command of Adolf Hitler. Although the rest of the world did not suffer from the abuse, murder and isolation that the Jews endured, the brutal polices against Jews caused major destruction and sparked tremendous outrage globally. World War 2 erupted after Adolf Hitler won the election for Germany’s leader in 1933. Throughout the years, his dictatorship grew and his aim was to abolish the Treaty of Versailles, issued at the end of World War 1, and regain Germany’s power. A study of the Holocaust provides the information on what prompted the holocaust and its relation to the dictatorship that Germany was under, the policies that were involved, including Ant-Semitism, Concentration Camps and Ghettos, and how the Holocaust impacted the Jews and the rest of the world. The Holocaust was prompted by Adolf Hitler’s views on re-introducing Eugenics, a practice aimed to ‘improve’ the human gene pool by controlling who gives birth to children. The Nazi’s policies were heavily influenced by the notion of Eugenics to an extent where the sterilization of Jews was introduced. Hitler believed that the ‘personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew’ (R Smith, 2009). His entire purpose was to create a race of ethnic Germans by developing these policies diminishing the Jewish race’s chances of
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