The Holocaust And Its Effects On The World 's History

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The Holocaust. While it may be known as one of the most devastating genocides in history, it’s not the only one. Dictatorial leaders have, since the concept of government began, blemished our world’s history. A myriad of totalitarian leaders, such as the likes of Hideki Tojo, Joseph Stalin, and Pol Pot, have tarnished the Eurasian continent. Pol Pot, leader of the infamous Khmer Rouge, was responsible for what is known as the Cambodian “Killing Fields,” a senseless massacre of over two million Buddhists, Cambodian Christians, foreigners, and intellectuals. While a genocide such as the Holocaust was much more monumental than the Cambodian “Killing Fields,” Hitler and Pol Pot used similar methods to achieve similar goals.
Hitler’s original intent, as some at first believe, was not to solely destroy the Jewish people. His two major goals were to expand Germany’s power and to assert the dominance of the Aryan race (Holocaust Encyclopedia, 2014). As a result the destruction of the Jewish people could almost be considered collateral damage. Hitler was not just anti-Semitic, he was also strongly nationalistic. With his main goal being expansion, other, smaller motives became relevant as he attempted to satiate his power-hungry objective. For example, the expansion of Germany eastward provided the opportunity for Hitler to destroy Communism. Its expansion also called for the strengthening of Germany’s economic power.
Just as Hitler with Germany, Pol Pot had big ideas for Cambodia.

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