The Holocaust And Its Importance

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Mrs Keeley ENG 111-4201L 08 April 2016 Remembering The Holocaust and its Importance In history, there has been many important events that were brought about to make the world as we know it today. One of the most important events was world war II. This was a war that had many countries battling each other to try and stop the spread of communism. However, for one country it would have an everlasting impact on their history based on the massacre that happened during that time. Adolf Hitler was a vicious leader whose political and religious views caused the deaths of over 40 million people in Germany. One of his main targets were the Jewish people of Germany. Hitler’s army known as Nazis did not like the Jewish people because they felt that the Jews were one of the reasons of stopping Germany from becoming the great nation it once was before world War I. Hitler’s conclusion, ended up brining the controversial event known as the holocaust. The holocaust is one of the deadliest human genocides in history. Hitler’s Anti-Semitism views caused a lasting effect on the Jewish religion by destroying everything they owned, torturing them through concentration camps, and the aftermath of the war. First, when Hitler gained power one of his main goals was to get the Jewish people segregated from the rest of Germany. This was the beginning of what was to come in Hitler’s relentless reign in Germany. His motivation to eliminate the Jews was very clear when he started banning and burning
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