The Holocaust And The Bosnian Genocide

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A genocide is a horrible kind of war. It is a mass killing and torturing of innocent people who do not deserve any of it. There are many stages of genocides, which may or may not go in the same order. The Holocaust, being the largest genocide and a horrible point in history, is similar and different to the Bosnian/Croatian genocide. Although many aspects lead up to these genocides and other similar wars, there are possible measures that could have been taken to prevent all of this. No human should have to endure the pain of a genocide, especially as horrible as the Holocaust, or Croatian/Bosnian war. The Holocaust and the Bosnian genocide both consisted of many stages that led to a variety of horrible events, both similar and different, which could have been prevented if certain actions were taken into consideration.
Could anyone imagine a mass killing, or more accurately described, an extermination, of a group of people with the same race or nationality (Dictionary)? This is described as a genocide. Many tragic genocides have taken place in the world. During a genocide, a human is being taken control of, and being killed because he or she does not meet a certain criteria. It is arguably the worst occurrence mankind could partake in. Tim Walz, an American politician, once said, “You have to understand what caused genocide to happen. Or it will happen again” (“Tim Walz Quote”). This leads into the idea that there were stages of a genocide, and that it can not simply happen
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