The Holocaust And The Bosnian Genocide

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Two terrifying events in earth’s history are the German Holocaust and the Bosnian genocide. Both are similar in the ways they horrified and innocently killed their victims. They massacred based on which religion you believed in. We all know that the Jews were victims to the Nazis, but not many know that Muslims were the unlucky recipient of the Bosnian genocide. Also, the techniques used to innocently kill the persecuted group are parallel. How these genocides occurred is very alike; this includes each leader. During both crises, millions of innocent citizens were brutally killed before the United States of America came to help and fight the oppressors. The German Holocaust is the most well known horrific massacring event in the world. This occurred during World War II in Western Europe when anti-Semitism, ethnic hatred, and nationalism prompted countries to join with the Nazi administration in the destruction of European Jews. Over a few Axis states, fascist military associations terrorized, robbed, and killed indigenous Jews, either under German direction or on their own. In these states and others, military personnel and the police played a main part in the expropriation, concentration, and extradition of Jewish occupants in their nations (“Holocaust”). The “Holocaust Encyclopedia” best describes the German Holocaust as: The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its
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