The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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Before WWII started Germany’s new dictator was starting a revolution. That only Adolf Hitler and his army knew about. The Nazis were what hitler’s army was called their job was to collect and kill as many Jewish people as they could. If anyone got in the way they were killed to. Hitler’s reasoning for killing all the jews he says they are the reason why they lost the first world war. How he killed all of these jews hitler and his nazis would force the jews to leave their houses and towns. Then he would get them all on a cattle car and take them to concentration camps. How hitler killed the jews were mostly gas chambers ,but he kept some few thousands to work or do certain things in these concentration camps. Some of those jews survived the holocaust to tell their story of what happened to them and their families.
Elie Wiesel (Night) and Art Spiegelman (Maus) have both written great books about the holocaust. Night is a personal experience Elie was in the holocaust. Everything in his book was what he saw and what truly happened. Whereas in Maus Art’s dad is where the story comes from. Art’s father Vladeck was older than Elie when he got to the holocaust and got there a little later to. Both of the stories start off before anything happened and all that they knew what was happening was the war they didn’t know about the holocaust.
Art’s father Vladeck was a part of the war he killed a nazi ,but then he got captured. That was his first taste of what a concentration camp would
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