The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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For example, a survivor of a concentration camp such as Auschwitz may describe the holocaust as a living nightmare because of the death and destruction that it caused them and their families, whereas as SS leaders may have seen this as an opportunity to stamp their authority on the situation and showcase their leadership skills. One major limitation that comes when trying to represent the holocaust involves the title that civilization has given to this period of history. Many scholars such as Bruno Bettelheim criticize the use of the word ‘Holocaust’ as it is the Greek term for ‘sacrifice by fire’, this label is indeed somewhat too similar to the ‘final solution’ promoted by the Nazis and some nay feel that it in fact denies the victims of the tragedy their last attempt to be remembered with any dignity and recognition for their lives that they lived before their murders.

Since the holocaust entered the popular culture in countries such as the USA and Ireland, it was mere public ignorance that led to a variety of representations of the tragedy that was the holocaust. One piece of literature that has impacted many peoples’ opinion on the holocaust comes from the diary of Anne Frank, an adolescent girl who was trapped in hiding during the Nazi occupation of her country. The worldwide popularity of the novel led to over 30 million copies being sold and Andrea Pitzer believes ‘came to represent the American interpretation of the holocaust’. The book offers a unique representation of the holocaust in the sense that we do not hear any information from her journey after she is sent to a concentration camp and do not hear any details of her death. The power and effectiveness of the diary however comes from the historical events that surrounded her account. Kee Ribbon’s believes that Anne Franks diary is ‘sequential art’ and has been used worldwide to help people ‘get a grip on the transnational representation of the historical conflict(WW2) beyond the battlefield’. The personal narrative that she provides in her diary also reaches out to that emotional appeal that hooks the audience in the sense that her in-depth personal experiences interests the readers like that of the work of speigleman.

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