The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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Whether the Holocaust could have been avoided remains a topic of debate for many people today, the two sides have evidence as to why both their accusations could be correct, but there are some very reasonable and likely ways the Holocaust could of never happened. There are many reasons as to how the Holocaust and WWII together could've been prevented by the actions of the people in charge before Hitler started to slowly gain more and more power over Germany. Negligence of the German government as well as many surrounding countries in Europe are highly to blame for the reason of WWII and the Holocaust. Winston Churchill himself called WWII “the unnecessary war” because of the many ways it could have been obviated, but it still ended up happening leaving Europe in a complete mess afterwards. Many topics of debate had sparked up whether it could've been prevented and it was definitely a tricky subject to analyze, but many moves exist in this war that had enough flaws to acknowledge the prevention of this war. When WWII is taught at schools, teachers usually talk about their theories of how the holocaust could have ended and many would also often ask their student their own thoughts and opinions as how WWII could've been prevented as is a popular subject because there are many holes in the whole situation which is why it was often called an unnecessary and counterproductive war that had many ways of being blocked which is why it was such a great misfortune as well as the mass

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