The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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Germany’s hatred for the Jewish race was the main foundation for the occurrence of the Holocaust. Hitler hated the Jewish people. A reason for this was the loss of his Mother. His Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and at a young age received treatment advised by her Jewish Doctor Eduard Bloch. She than died from the treatment in 1907 at the age of 47 while Hitler was only 18 years old. He believed that her doctor had poisoned her and was the reason for her death; therefore, he would never forgive him. Another was when Hitler unsuccessfully attempted to set himself up as an artist in Vienna. In 1906, he decided to explore Vienna and attended opera shows and many architectural galleries, this is when he fell in love with art and decided to pursue his dream as an artist. He decided to choose the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and took part in a two-day entrance exam feeling confident and self-assured. But afterwards, received his results as unsatisfactory and not admitted and was unfortunately told by a Jew that his drawings lacked the talent for artistic painting. Therefore, Hitler took a disliking to the Jewish people and became a great orator and he expressed and shared his perspectives on Germany and the Jews. Hitler also believed that Jews were the blame for Germany’s defeat in the Great War and that Jewish businessmen were plotting to take control of the world. He also believed that the Jews were an inferior race and should not be allowed to mix with the superior Aryan

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