The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a repulsive time where many Jews suffered miserably from Hitler’s concentration camps and millions died. I researched this topic because I had learned about the Holocaust a little bit over the years, but I wanted to focus primarily on the United States and if Roosevelt helped the Jews who were suffering or if he only focused on the needs of his own country. Before I started my research, I knew a basic amount of information about the Holocaust itself and what Hitler had done to the Jews, but I knew nothing about what effect FDR had on the prosecution of Jews. I chose this topic mainly because I found it interesting to learn about and I knew I would enjoy reading about the Holocaust but another reason why I chose to research this topic is because I am Jewish. My great grandma had experienced the great depression and had lived during that heartbreaking time period. I wanted to learn more about my history and what it was like to be a Jew back in the 1930-1940’s. It is hard to imagine the hatred some people had for Jews and how awful they treated them. Learning about the Holocaust made me thankful for what I have because millions of survivors were scarred for the rest of their lives and experiencing the pain and torture European Jews underwent is unimaginable. Living in America, I wanted to know if we had helped. I wanted to know if our country cared about what was happening in Germany and if they put in a lot of effort to stop Hitler from his horrible actions.

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