The Holocaust And The Holocaust Survivors

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The Holocaust was a genocide during World War II that caused millions of people to die. The Holocaust was the event where Nazi Germany killed millions of people that they did not seem to be a part of the Nazi’s Master Race. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany at the time and was a major supporter of their attempt at creating the Master Race and eliminating those whom he did not see being a part of his Master Race. Adolf Hitler and Germany caused one of the largest death tolls and most well known genocide in history, which is known now as the holocaust. My reaction to the "Second Generation to Holocaust Survivors: Enhanced Differentiation of Trauma Transmission." written by, Micha Weiss and Sima Weiss is that those poor, innocent people were killed or scarred for life for something they cannot control. I feel awful for all those kids and young people who had to live the rest of their lives out after experiencing their parents be killed or starved to death and seeing all those other people around them being killed. I also feel angry that Germany let this happen, and not only let this happen, but supported Hitler's decision to kill off millions of people and treated them so unfairly. “Gail told of the death of her father after she was two, and thereafter moving between foster homes, due to her mother's inability to provide for her.” (Micha Weiss and Sima Weiss) I could not imagine how hard it would be to grow up being passed around by foster homes and not knowing or having
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