The Holocaust And The Nazi Regime During World War 2

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The Holocaust refers to the systematic genocide of over a million Jews perpetrated by the Nazi Regime during World War 2. Since the day it ended, historians over the world have attempted to uncover the true reasons behind the Holocaust, leading to the prominent debate over the exact date the Holocaust initially began. However due to a lack of considerable evidence, many opposing interpretations of the evidence has surfaced with the creation of several schools of thought: the Intentionalist, Functionalist and Opportunistic view. The Intentionalist view focuses complete blame on Hitler as the evil totalitarian leader of the Third Reich. From their perspective, the Holocaust is dated earlier, for it was always Hitler’s intention to implement the premediated genocide of the Jewish population. In contrast, the Functionalist view argues that Hitler wasn’t the driving force behind the Holocaust, but rather a weak dictator who was a willing slave to circumstance. They propose that the Holocaust was dated later and advocate instead that an accumulation of structural factors led to the Holocaust. Both these perspectives enhance our insight regarding the date of the Holocaust, they are however hindered by their reliance on the interpretation of certain pieces of evidence and as such are easily contradicted. As such the Opportunistic view offers the most comprehensive explanation, for it synthesises both these contributions while addressing their flaws to provide the better outcome.
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