The Holocaust : Cruel Slaughter Of The Jews

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Most everyone reflects on and thinks of the Holocaust as a horrifying, heartless slaughter of the Jews. The Holocaust can be a very hard, depressing issue to discuss but it is a major part of history and cannot be ignored. The Holocaust affected countless numbers of people in the past and it continues to affect many to this day. The Jewish population was the population that most affected the most through the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler had way too much power and he used that position of excessive power to nearly destroy the Jews. After World War I Germany was given harsh penalties by the Western Alliance and these penalties made living one’s daily life in Germany a struggle. “The leaders of the allies drew up this treaty to purposely revenge…show more content…
“Hitler soon emerged as a charismatic public speaker and began attracting new members with speeches blaming Jews and Marxists for Germany’s problems and espousing extreme nationalism and the concept of an Aryan ‘master race’.” ( Staff, 2009). Since Germany was in such a grave state many people backed him and his views up because it was their way out of their tough times. “In July 1921, he assumed leadership of the organization, which by then had been renamed the Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party” ( Staff, 2009). His fiery, compelling speeches were key elements for his gain of power. Another key element for Hitler’s gain of excessive power was the Great Depression. “Due to America 's large trade industries, the depression quickly spread all over the world. This put Germany into a dire state as unemployment rocketed” (The Truth About Hitler’s Rise To Power, n.d). With the rise of unemployment Hitler was able to gain more votes through promising more employment opportunities for Germany. “The depression was important as Hitler could prey on these people, and these people came, not in thousands, but millions” (The Truth About Hitler’s Rise To Power, n.d). The depression was key element in Hitler’s rise to power. The Northstar Report says that, “Without the great depression…Hitler wouldn 't have got anywhere near to achieving the role of chancellor” (The Truth About Hitler’s Rise To Power, n.d). But with the Great
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