The Holocaust Described in Night by Ellie Wiesel Essay

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Who was Elie Wiesel? Elie Wiesel is a famous Holocaust survivor, a political activist, professor, and a novelist. He is the recipient of many different accomplishments and achievements throughout his life. He is most known for his novel Night, which is about his survival during the Holocaust. Elie was born on September 30, 1928; he lived in Sighet, Transylvania that is now present-day Romania. When Ellie was 15 he was transferred to Auschwitz along with his younger sister, his mom, and his father. He was one of two sons and the oldest of four children; he was an average boy growing up and attended school. In 1944 his family was forced to leave their homes and were transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp. They…show more content…
A selection is when the SS guards get all the concentration camp prisoners to do a task; a couple prisoners at a time will participate. The SS guards judge who is still healthy and who is not healthy. The unhealthy prisoners end up getting executed. Elie ended up being in prison from May 1944 to January 1945. Once leaving the concentration camp Elie moved to France and was transferred to a French orphanage, and continued his education. He became a newspaper reporter for L'Arche and Israeli Yediot Ahronot. Shortly after, in 1954 he was asked to write about his experiences in the death camps by a French writer named Francois Mauriac. Elie said no at first, but the French writer later on persuaded Elie to write about his experiences. In 1956 he was hit by a taxicab, and a year later he recovered from his injuries. In 1958 he published the novel Night, in 1961 he published Dawn, in 1963 he became an American citizen, in 1964 he returned to Sighet and visited his childhood home and published The Town Beyond the Wall. In 1966 he published The Gates of the Forest and The Jews of Silence. In 1968 Legends of our Time was published and he won the Prix Medici’s. He married Marion, who was also a holocaust survivor in 1969. In1970he published A Beggar in Jerusalem and One Generation After. His son, Elisha Shlomo was born in 1972. Elie Serves was a professor of Judaic Studies at

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