The Holocaust During World War II

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The decision of the United Nations to relinquish the western portion of Palestine, present day Israel, to the surviving Jewish population was a direct result of the Holocaust during World War II, which not only stimulated religious unrest in Europe, but also the rest of the world. With the German Dictator, Adolf Hitler, and his rise to power in 1933, a period of despair and fear for the Jewish population throughout Europe erupted. As Adolf Hitler commenced his plan to build the perfect German race, he set forth the motion of a mass extinction of the Jewish population, known as The Holocaust. The Holocaust lasted from 1933 to the end of World War II and had taken the lives of over 12 million Jews and any other inferior races that were seen as a plague to mankind. The decimation to the Jewish population was severely expedited when World War II began as part of Hitler’s Final Solution, which placed many Jews in concentration, work or death camps. After the end of the war the United Nations was formed to replace the obsolete and incompetent League of Nations and to maintain peace around the world. The U.N. was given control of the territory of Palestine from the British and after much consideration on November 29th of 1947 the UN Resolution 181 was passed, which created a Jewish State and a state for Palestine. As a result of the U.N. Resolution 181 immediate conflict emerged throughout Asia, eventually proliferating across the world and impacting the ideology of many modern day

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