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Through the course of history, the Jewish people have been mistreated, condemned, robbed, even put to death because of their religion. In the Middle Ages, they were forced to wear symbols on their clothing, identifying them as Jews. The dates 1933 to 1945 marked the period of the deadly Holocaust in which many atrocities were committed against the Jewish people and minority groups not of Aryan descent. Six million innocent Jews were exterminated because of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” This paper will exhibit how Adolf Hitler used the three anti-Jewish policies written in history, conversion, expulsion, and annihilation to his advantage. In the fourth century when the Christian church gained power in Rome, the Jews …show more content…
By1933, there were more than 400 anti-Semitic groups in Germany, and Hitler was being appointed Chancellor of Germany (Wistrish, R., 2003). During the first five years of enduring Hitler and his Nazi regime, people in the Jewish communities able to immigrate started the mass exit. Jewish doctors were not allowed to practice, lawyers were de-barred, and many elderly business owners lost everything they had worked so hard for. People were stripped of their citizenship making it more difficult to leave because they were then considered a refugee. Important Jewish scientist, artists, and writers soon emigrated to escape the madness they foresaw. They immigrated to France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, many went to Britain, and some went to the United States (Bartov, O., 2000). The Germans confiscated personal property so many Jews left with just the clothes on their backs. Some were able to smuggle some of their wealth out of the country with them and some were able to transfer funds to banks out of the country. It is estimated the Nazi regime stole almost thirteen million dollars in currency and art from the Jewish people (Beker, A., 2001). To protect the blood and honor of the German people, The Nuremberg Race Law was introduced in 1935. The Reich Citizenship Law put Jews into three categories, full- blooded Jew, having two or more Jewish grandparents, even if you did not practice Judaism;

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