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The Holocaust The Holocaust was a catastrophic, cataclysmic event in history that took place over 55 years ago, but why is it still so important to us today? One of the many reasons it is still widely discussed today, is because of the many rights it violated for the Jews as human beings. The main goal of the holocaust was for Nazis to try and kill every Jewish person alive in Europe. Many Nazi leaders tried their hardest do to this, and went unpunished for their actions. All of this tradgedy and calamity started when Adolf Hitler came into power. Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich came to power in 1938, the Jews in Europe knew they were in trouble. Hitler blamed them for Germany's rapid fall as a world power and he made…show more content…
He feared that the Fascist party was coming to wipe out the town of Sighet and that his family would lose everything that they dreamed of and worked for. His father insisted that they not sell the business because he felt there was no reason to fear the Nazis because they would not come as far as Sighet. He figured by that time the war will be over and Hitler will lose his power of Germany. In addition, his father argued that they were too old to start over in a new place and that they would be suffer financially. Elie's father decided to take his chances. While reading, I felt that at this point the Jews should have taken the situation much more seriously then they were because now German army cars were approaching there town. The town was in shock, no one thought it would go this far and it did. The soldiers pulled up in there steel helmets and the emblems that signified death head, but it was unexpected that the soldiers would actually be kind. Some stayed in Jewish homes and were even polite. One soldier brought chocolates to Madame Kahn, a captured Jew. "The Kahn family even said they were likeable and everyone felt rejoiced and at ease (Wiesel 8)." As a result of many of the soldier's kindness, the townspeople were still not prepared for the ultimate attack. What they did not know was that the Nazis were only waiting for reinforcements to help secure the town before beginning extermination. It was the week of Passover and all the

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