The Holocaust: German National Pride

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National pride was a key factor in the German people’s indifference to or participation in state-sponsored genocide and murder. There are five main reasons why. Jews were among those blamed by German military officers looking for excuses as to why Germany was defeated in WWI, and thus were linked to the loss of national pride. Jews were seen as bringing down the economy by taking up space and manipulating other Germans into giving the Jews their money to fuel the Jews’ inherent greed. Hitler had helped to create national and cultural unity in Germany which included strong feelings of anti-Semitism at its base. Jews were generally seen as inferior and impure genetically so improving one’s nation would include removing them. Finally, due to…show more content…
Let them be forced to work, and if this avails nothing, we will be compelled to expel them like dogs . . ." in his works (“Anti-Semitism In Germany: Historical Background”). As Jews were generally seen as genetically impure and inferior during this time period, it would be shameful to admit that your country had such people as Jews living in it. Hans Gunther, a respected German professor of anthropology, classified Jews as a racial group as well as a cultural and religious group. This classification made it so Jews were further seen as polluting the German gene pool (“Anti-Semitism in Germany: Historical Background”). With the fascist belief that their country must be “pure,” and Hitler’s belief that there was a great Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world, there was no place in Nazi Germany for the Jews. Many Germans might consider it a source of pride to help expel/murder the Jews, as they thought they were helping to speed up the natural selection process. Additionally, getting rid of the Jews and other minorities in Germany to leave only the “Master Aryan race” would certainly be something to be proud of for a German during this time. Finally, Germans were so swept up in their national pride that they thought their country and national leaders infallible, with the actions they took all performed for good reason and not to be
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