The Holocaust - Hidden Under Conspiracy, Doubt, And Denial

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Hidden under conspiracy, doubt, and denial, the truth of what really happened during the Holocaust has been revealed through an immense amount of investigation and research. Nazis were essentially ordered to exterminate Jewish existence from the face of the earth, and created an aim to finish off the Jews in Europe by either gassing, shooting, or even starving them to death. There have been claims from deniers that these stories were only conspiracy theories made by the Jews to justify their atrocious claims. However, there is in fact a lot of evidence to suggest that the Holocaust actually happened and that people were killed mercilessly by the Nazis. Much of said information, Rudolf Höss is responsible for getting out into the world. The term Holocaust denial refers to the act of denying established facts concerning the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust during World War II. In “What is ‘Holocaust Denial’?” by Barbara Kulaszka, she wrongfully claims that Rudolf Höss’s memoirs was extracted by torture and severe threats to his family. Rudolf Höss’s memoirs however, explains how during this time period he was an eyewitness to the history of the Nazi conduction of the Final Solution and how he experienced both sides of it at an intermediary position between those who ordered the murder of millions, and those who actually performed the murder itself. Despite Kulaszka’s claim, Höss’s memoirs are reliable because of multiple eye witness accounts, physical remains of the camp, and

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