The Holocaust Is Often Described As The Crime Of The Century

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The Holocaust is often described as the crime of the century due to its dehumanization, mass destruction, and atrocities. As a survivor of the genocide of the Jews, I can state with true confidence there has never been any other horrific event of this magnitude. The uniqueness of the Holocaust, our sexual behavior as Jewish women during the Nazi era, and the after effects of the Holocaust for Jews in West Germany are just a few experiences that shaped my life.
The brutality of the Holocaust is incomparable to any past or future events in history. The unprecedented and extreme cruelty makes this event unique, bringing to light a new social behavior and human experience. The Nazis sought mass destruction and humiliation for the enemy
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Some Germans volunteered to take part in murder as an escape to the risk of their own death, it seemed no one was safe from Nazi Germany (4).
The Nazis’ racism often discouraged them from excessive cruelty, we were fated to die as the lesser race, the less we were viewed as humans, the less there was a point in humiliation. However, the process of killing Jews could not escape humiliation. By inflicting pain the Nazis acknowledged our humanity which angered them even further, it was our bitter victory leading to death. The Germans’ process included dehumanizing Jews up to the killing moment, the ideology claimed to torture Jews seeking them to accept their inhumanity, not for humiliation, but to cleanse their souls before being burned alive (5). Convincing Jews to admit to their own inhumanity was to assert the Nazis in what they already believed, and give justification for torment and murder. The Germans’ attitude toward death had the Holocaust combine humiliation and destruction, the Germans saw themselves as the cleansing power, which made their actions even more horrifying. I could not predict their actions, it was their unpredictability that made them terrible in their behavior, the only thing truly predictable was killing Jews which was a direct result of the Nazi ideology. Jews misinterpreted and misunderstood Nazi intentions, such misunderstanding was encouraged because it fed the chaos and horror amongst the prisoners and gave power

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