The Holocaust Is Remembered As One Of The Most Vicious Events

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The Holocaust is remembered as one of the most vicious events in history. We have gotten the chance to try and comprehend the pain that such evil genocide left on many, through those who witnessed it. Who sorely revive it, in an attempt to make sure that the world never forgets the millions of Jews that were unjustly tortured and murdered. It is sad to realize that many of these witnesses are getting older, and that many of them have died. Among them was author, professor, and activist Elizer “Elie” Wiesel, who just passed away a few days ago. As a professor he influenced many, but through his novels he managed to give his readers a glimpse of the horrors he survived during the Holocaust. He was a peaceful man who fought for human rights and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 (Almasy, Sanchez). Many say that he was not only a leader for the Jewish community, but for all mankind (qtd. in Maslin, Correal). Wiesel became chairman of the Presidential Commission on the Holocaust, in 1978; thanks to his hard work the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was established in Washington (Almasy, Sanchez). Nonetheless, his legacy will remain alive through his precious memoirs. I think that the main point of Wiesel’s novel, Night, is to understand what Wiesel believed the Jews had lost during the Holocaust, specifically in the concentration camps. He describes multiple moments in which fear had completely changed him and the world around him. According to Wiesel, he felt as if the

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