The Holocaust Museum : The Importance Of Monuments

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There are various ways to commemorate a person or an event. The commemoration could either be a picture, a book, a special day, or a monument. Monuments are created to honor a famous person or a historic event. But before state/federal agencies or local communities start building a monument, there are some factors they should take into consideration. Including; the location, the cost, historical background, nature, and the significance of the monument, as well as the community’s perception about the monument.
Controversy grew when non-Jewish and Jewish citizens heard they were going to build a Holocaust museum in The National Mall in Washington, D.C. (. Musser). This angered many people "due to the fact that a museum dedicated to the
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The land, local people’ opinions and their feelings, must be taken into consideration, and furthermore. A monument needs to have a strong meaning to spark one's memory or it must have historical value. The truth and an accurate account of history must also be taken into consideration before any kind of memorial is erected. If there is no historical background or an education of the monument then it is proven that the audience will not support or be interested in the specific monument.The significance of the monument and cost should be evaluated. H. Elroy Johnson posed for a sculpture named "The Maine Lobsterman" (Obscure). The sculpture was originally supposed to be cast in bronze and presented at the New York's World Fair in 1939, but due to economic constraints, this concept failed. To defray the cost of the sculpture, it was coated in bronze colored paint and it was sent to New York. Over time, the sculpture was neglected. "The statue was vandalized, repaired, and it ended up in a warehouse where it was eaten by rats" (Obscure). This shows it wasn't favored or meaningful to the majority of the community. Like the Sioux nation, many people regard monuments and memorials have the potential to be inharmonious, thus agencies should consider the essential need not to destroy or mar any part of nature that was there previously. Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam

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