The Holocaust- Nazi Germany's Evil Plot to Eradicate the Jews

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In 1939 the Nazi government started World War II by attacking Poland. It soon conquered most of Europe. Great Britain, Russia, and the United States fought against the Nazis and eventually defeated them. Millions of people died in the war the Nazis had started. The Nazis murdered about 12 million civilians, including almost all the Jews who lived under German rule (Trueman). Nazi Germany played almost every role in the Holocaust, as they had created it. Their main goal or role was to gain power and eliminate the Jews (Huebsch). The Nazis were the group that Hitler led to destroy the Jews and rise to power (Trueman). Nazism is the political and social doctrine of Hitler and his followers (Tames 6). The word Nazi is short for the …show more content…
The people had blamed their weak government, the Weimar system, for their great loss and Hitler coming in with his new option of government sounded really good to the German people (Bachrach 8). Hitler offered something to everyone; work to the unemployed, prosperity to failed business people, profits to industry, expansion to the Army, social harmony and an end of class distinctions to idealistic young students, and restoration of German glory to those in despair (Trueman). He promised to bring order amid chaos, a feeling of unity to all and the chance to belong (Trueman). He would make Germany strong again, end payment of war reparations to the Allies, tear up the treaty of Versailles, stamp out corruption, keep down Marxism, and deal harshly with the Jews (Vail). Hitler also rose to power with the use of force (Johnson). Hitler used his cruel forces to shape the minds of the Germans, and to persecute the Jews (Johnson 8). Hitler had his storm troopers who were just random strong men he had rounded up (Tames). The purpose of the Storm troopers was to terrorize the people that did not support Hitler's Nazi regime (Johnson 8). Their philosophy is "Terror must be broken by terror." and "All opposition must be stamped into the ground (8)." They played a big role in the rise of the Nazi party (Nardo 25). Hitler also used the Gestapo which was secret police (Johnson 9). The role of the Gestapo was to investigate and combat all tendencies dangerous to the state
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