The Holocaust Of Auschwitz And Buchenwald From 1944-1945

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Countless events in the world have been caught in history books but between the ones that have held to the memory of people is the holocaust. The Holocaust was a very disturbing event that triggered an eye-opener for individuals about how harsh humans can be. The purpose for this is since the vast number of victims and questions as to what was the actual motive behind the need to defeat a whole community. Holocaust is an organized, state financed torment and slaying of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi government run by Adolf Hitler. Separately from Jews, other groups considered lesser or anti-establishment, such as Polish, Gypsies, and Romans were killed. There were numerous reasons for these gruesome murders, insensitive imprisonment and enslavements of victims who were forced into labor while starving. "To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time." - Wiesel 's book "Night," about his time in Auschwitz and Buchenwald from 1944–1945. In reading Maus, it really hit home for me due to my family being affected by the Holocaust. I wanted to become educated more on the difference between concentration camps and the prisoners in the camps. I wonder what the difference is and the treatment? I had never thought to ask survivors or researched this matter. Art Spiegelman’s two-volume realistic history of his parents’ involvements in German concentration camps through the Holocaust employs the situations most dominant and obvious symbolism in the way

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