The Holocaust Of The Auschwitz Camp

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In 1944, medical doctor Miklos Nyiszli, a Hungarian Jew and family man, arrived at the Auschwitz camp in Poland. In an effort to stay alive after being separated from his daughter and wife—though he feared his days would soon be counted—he volunteered to work as a pathologist under Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele. Working under the supervision of a Nazi superior meant one became Sonderkommando. As a Sonderkommando, one had the privilege to wear civilian clothes and receive better meals. Hence, working for Dr. Mengele, Dr. Nyiszli had certain privileges other Jewish prisoners did not obtain. The Nazi government to provide a way to enhance the Aryan species sponsored Dr. Mengele in his horrific human experiments; Twins were especially of interest as Dr. Mengele was trying to find a way to get Aryan women give birth to blond and blue eyed twins. Being a Sonderkommando, Dr. Nyiszli assisted Dr. Mengele with various cruel experiments—such as injecting chemicals in twins’ eyeballs in an attempt to change their eye-color to blue—and felt his fate was pre-determined due to his knowledge of the experiments. Every four months the Sonderkommandos were killed. He writes, “I had the feeling I was already one of the living- dead. I was certain I would never get out alive. Was it conceivable that Dr. Mengele would ever allow me to leave this place alive” (Nyiszli, 65). Slowly, Dr. Nyiszli earned the respect of Dr. Mengele and other SS officers, and was given more responsibility. He now dissected
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