The Holocaust Of World War II

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By the time 1945 was coming to an end, the horrors of World War II were only just revealed to the public eye. Racial and religious discrimination was at an all-time high and was the primary reason for the emergence of the Holocaust. Religious bigotry against Jews was the focal point for the Holocaust. Around 6 million Jewish people were killed by the Nazis of Germany through warfare, forced labor, concentration camps, and also mass executions and kill-on-sight orders. Countless of others within the Jewish community that had survived the Holocaust were all permanently changed mentally and physically. Philosophers who have studied the war have classified survivors into 4 major categories: victims, fighters, numbs, and the ones-who-made-it. The first category is a universal category for not just Jewish survivors, but for everyone involved in the War. Everybody had lost something. Everyone was a victim. The experience of the Holocaust on survivors had left mental and physical alterations on the minds of the other three survivor categories, which carried on into future generations. For the first category of Holocaust survivors, the most strong willed survivors, were the ones who rebelled, the ones who fought. These were a wide variety of people, some coming from concentration camps and some who even fought against the Nazis themselves. For those who survived in the camps, they survived merely off pure determination to not allow themselves to be affected by the harsh torture and

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