The Holocaust, Or The Holocaust

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There are a lot of examples of Crimes Against Humanity, such as “The Holocaust”, or the ukraine famine, and many other examples. A Crime Against Humanity is usually a genocide, a mass killing, and are usually for a reason, such as “The Holocaust”, Hitler wanted to rid the world, or at least Germany, of the Jews. There are many genocides happening today, such as ISIS taking over cities and executing hundreds of people every week. Many people have different idea’s on how to end these Crimes, or Genocides, and many of these ideas would work if they were used, such as Nations coming together to stop these crimes, to powerful nations coming to help the smaller nations. However, whatever we do, another Crime against Humanity, or a Genocide, will…show more content…
If all nations helped take out ISIS, then it would not be long before ISIS is destroyed and the terror they spread would end.

There have been many cases of Crimes against Humanity during history, the most well known one probably being “The Holocaust”. If you don’t know what The Holocaust is, it is when hitler gassed and worked to death over 6 million jews. This is the Crime that made the world create an international community such as the United Nations, to try to prevent or end any crimes, or mass genocides like the Holocaust. The United Nation is the society that issues punishments to countries or people who issue out genocides or commit Crimes against Humanity, and also deals with the protection of smaller countries that don’t have the funds to protect themselves, but some people say that the United Nations aren’t doing their job. Some people would think it is a better idea for the bigger, richer countries, such as United States, Russia, and other richer countries, to help end these crimes. If the whole world create a bigger, stronger international community, better than the United Nations, and really helped try to prevent or end these genocides, then the world would be a much safer place, and because many countries are working together to make the world a better place, it would also build on trust between other countries and less countries would try to start wars.

If countries around the world does little to nothing to try to prevent or end these

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