The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust Experience

     The world that people lived in during the Holocaust is described by the personal experiences of the oppressed throughout the story Jack and Rochelle, written by Jack and Rochelle Sutin, and the memoir by Alexander Donat titled The Holocaust Kingdom. The horrifying mindset of the oppressors, particularly the Nazi`s, is illustrated in both books. The vicious and relentless emotional, physical, and psychological abuse the Nazi`s targeted at their victims is depicted in detail. The unspeakable cruelty received by the Jews dramatically altered their state of mind and how they lived their lives. The emotions of despair, distress, depression, hopelessness, helplessness felt by the Jews
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The Soviet troops arrived in Mir, where Jack`s parents lived, and took control a few days after the invasion. The troops seemed friendly. The Russians chose not to acknowledge the “Jewish problem.” The Russian occupation was not too bad, especially when compared to the German occupation. In June 1941, Germany invaded the eastern part of Poland. They turned on their Russian allies who were caught by surprise by the Nazi Blitzkrieg and did not put up much of a fight. At the beginning of their occupation, the Nazi`s were secretive about their plans and actions. Then, “about two months after the initial occupation, the action against the Jews were intensified (page 40, Jack and Rochelle).” The Jews were instructed to give up all valuables and then pack. The Jews were headed for the ghetto, which “was located in the worst part of town (page 40, Jack and Rochelle).”
When Jack and the rest of the Jewish population living in the Mir Ghetto and the ghetto of Zamek realized that some way or another, their ultimate fate would more than likely be death, Jack decided he would not go down without a fight. He would not go down without avenging the wrongful deaths of Jews. He responded by escaping from the ghetto of Zamek with the help of a

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