The Holocaust Research Paper

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For my final paper I will be using all of the data and information I have collected about making my argument upon why the Germans were so oblivious. I will be talking about the events that occurred between 1933 and 1943. I will be summarizing how these specific events led to the rise of Hitler’s power and the Holocaust. I will summarize how these events affected people back then and how it has affected people today. Holocaust was one of the biggest travesties in the world. It took place between 1933 and 1945. Hitler, the Nazi leader and German chancellor, removed black people, gay people, gypsies and most commonly Jews from their household. Over eleven million people were murdered during the Holocaust, six million of which were Jews. The Nazis would relocate prisoners to concentration camps, most commonly known as death camps. At these camps, prisoners were put to work, doing manual labor. Not only were they starved but the captives were beaten, and tortured. If the prisoners didn’t die from starvation or disease, they were executed. The Great Depression began after WWI ended. Everyone blamed Germany for what happened so they had to repay everyone’s war debts. Shortly after Germany started paying off their debts with the United States, the stock market crashed in New York, causing a deep economic depression in in US. The US demanded all of the money Germany owed them faster to help the United States debt, but this situation made Germany’s economy worse than

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