The Holocaust, Slavery And The Civil Rights Movement

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The Holocaust, slavery and the Civil Rights Movement were three huge events not only for America but for the world that changed the course of history. These events were stepping stones, and learning moments for everyone, and they were mistakes that everyone of us learned from and mistakes in the future that hopefully we won’t repeat. America has always been a country filled with discrimination towards a group whether it be Native Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, or Asians. The hate in this country is real, even today we still have KKK protests in our own streets. I and many Americans hope this hatred towards people can stop, hate towards people for their skin color or ethnicity is down right dumb. It is our jobs as Americans to raise awareness and limit discrimination for the future of america. Even in today’s world there is still extreme levels of hate towards these people. When we take a look back to Hitler’s reign and the holocaust how is the hate we show towards blacks different then the hate towards Jewish people that he showed? There’s not a whole lot of a difference, granted it was way worse, but it’s still similar. African-Americans in this country have been battling equality since the beginning of time. If you take a look back after they were freed as slaves they still faced Jim-Crow laws and different ways of segregation up until the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But even after that it still took a long time for segregation to filter out of the southern

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