Essay on The Holocaust: The Concentration Camps

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Holocaust is the most terrible human action in the history. It absolutely marks the ending of the previous mentality of human-beings. Therefore, a new round of discovery of evilness of human nature has been established. Best uncovering the truth of Holocaust will help prevent the furthur destuction of humanism, which is the most important mission of the society after World War II. There are many sources of Holocaust trying to best uncover the truth, such as the inhabitant’s experience of the immediate suffering in the camp, fragment memories from the survivors. However, only the analyzations with critical sights of these horrible actions will appeal for just humanitarian attentions to the most extent. Inhabitant’s experience of the…show more content…
The Night is absolute a wonderful book of accounting the experience which happened in the Nazi death camp, perhaps, it is one of thoese few books which got published. It uncovers the horrible shocking memory of evil and carries it with unerasable mesagge. I remember when I was reading the book, I could hardly read during some dark nights, all of the bloody scenes would terrify me from falling asleep. The Dark Side of the Moon is another book with exceptional detail on the sufferings of Poles during Holocaust. “Very many of these people were carriers of disease. Enormous numbers of them were children; and for the most part orphans.... The conditions of the deportations, with their epidemics, loss of life, monstrous sufferings, privation and disease of all kinds, were now being reproduced in reverse, and on a still more gigantic scale"(215 Zajdlerowa). Trying to imagine some reports from other survivors which did not get published, all the bloody scenes in the reports will absolutely add more burdens to the readers which causes a negative effect of spreading the truth of Holocasut. Therefore straight inhabitant’s experience of the immediate suffering in the camp fails to inspire people who have passions and are sympathized to the tragedy. Fragment memories from the survivors to some extent are not accessable or reliable. Firstly, the survivors who are able to recall their memories are not the ones who suffered the most.
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