The Holocaust : The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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Literature shows us man's willingness to dehumanize other humans. This can be seen from the horrors of the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel, Eugene Black, Iby Knill, and Jakob W. are a few of the survivors to tell their stories of heartbreak. Even though humans have made intellectual advances, some still view dehumanization as an order to benefit themselves and to get ahead of another race or religion. Dehumanization is one of the worst problems faced today in America and other countries around the globe. During the Holocaust, the prisoners were treated like animals and were commonly referred to as dogs. The Nazis made it their mission to dehumanize the jews and take away what little they had. They weren't even allowed to keep little possessions like shoes or clothing of their own. In Night Wiesel explains how the Jews were treated. In the text it states, “Soon, nearly everywhere, pieces of bread were dropped into wagons.” (Wiesel 106) The Jews were treated like animals. They were given very little food and water and that they did have wasn't even given to them respectfully. It was “dropped” into their wagons and they were left to fight for what little was there. Weisel also discusses how their possessions were handled. In the book it says, “For a small consideration: your shoes. I refused. I'll get you an extra ration of bread and margarine.” (Wiesel 56) The Jews had few possessions to call their own. Everything had been taken away from them, including their identities. Elie had

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