The Holocaust : The Most Gruesome And Horrible Holocaust

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The Jewish Holocaust is often referred to as the most gruesome and dreadful holocaust in history. The terror begun when Adolf Hitler took control of Germany in 1933. The dreadful acts finally concluded soon after the Nazis were defeated in 1945. The term “Holocaust” is derived from the Greek word “holokauston” can be translated to “sacrifice by fire”. This seems rather censored for what actually occurred in Nazi Germany. The Nazi Party is an extremist group that took pride and believed in the Aryan “master race”. The term Nazi is short for Nationalist Socialist German Workers’. The party was created after World War II by Anton Drexler and Karl Harrer in response to the Treaty of Versailles and the thought that the Jews were at fault for the loss of the war. Although the main effort of the Nazi party was against Jews, they also targeted gypsies, homosexuals, and mentally or physically disabled as well. The initial persecution of the Jews began in April 1933. The Nazis announced a complete boycott of all Jewish owned business. Next came the Nuremberg Laws which were issued on September 16, 1935. These law consisted of various rights that were taken from the Jews. They include unable to marry between Jews and Germans, Jews could not employ German females (under 45 years old), and Jews could also not display the national flag. As time went on, more anti-Semitism actions were passed. A few years later, the Jews were no longer allowed to visit parks, work civil service jobs, and…
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