The Holocaust : The Most Tragic And Shameful Event

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In just twelve years, a heinous vision executed nearly six million Jewish people at the hands of Hitler and his followers, making the Holocaust debatably the most tragic and shameful event recorded in Earth’s history. During this time, different races, ethnicities, and religious groups were persecuted and annihilated for their beliefs that conflicted with Hitler’s persistence to eliminate the “flaws” of humanity. Hitler and his followers had one goal in mind: to cultivate a master race for the next generation. Under his guidance for Germany, countries were destroyed and millions were killed. Pain, death and suffering for millions, put towards an effort that would forever haunt survivors, and leave future generations struggling to grasp at understanding the past. As time has gone by, the number of Holocaust survivors has been decreasing expeditiously and history seems to be slipping away from one’s fingertips; however, this specific strand of events and their survivor’s legacy is continuing to reside in the current era, especially through art and literature. Novels, poetry, paintings, films, and other forms of art relating to the Holocaust quickly surfaced after the occurrence and still continue today. Artists search for a catharsis from the atrocious genocide that seems to surround them. With this newly spread genre of art, many critics rose up, like Adorno, a German philosopher, to prove that these artistic representations were degrading to the survivors and the actual…
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