The Holocaust : The Most Tragic Events Of History

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The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events in history. Although, many may deny the horrifying events that took innocent lives away evidence of the medical experiments are able to prove that it did. On January 19 ,1933 The Nazi’s invaded Germany. When dictator Adolf Hitler came to power he took many innocent lives by discriminating against the Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah 's witness, Polish, socialist, Russians, and homosexuals. During the World War II, numerous German Doctors conducted inhumane and painful experiments on thousands of concentration camp prisoners without consent. The Nazi Party began human experiments exploring limitations of the human body and trying to from the perfect race. Around thirty different experiments were performed on human subjects at the different camp sites. The results of the experiments were unbearable pain, mutilation, disability, and death. During the Nuremberg doctor trails sixteen of the twenty-three defendants were found guilty of their crimes. Men, women , and innocent children were used as experiments during the Holocaust. The Doctors during that time performed horrifying procedures on the innocent victims such as : Freezing / Hypothermia, Infectious Diseases , Interrogation and Torture , Killing / Genocide , Pharmacological ,Sterilization , Surgery , and Traumatic Injuries. Years later some prisoners managed to survive and share their story, and receive some type of justice by the Doctors taken to trial. Some Doctors responsible for
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