The Holocaust : The World War II

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World War 2 brought upon a time of disappointment and the Jewish purgatory. This event caused millions of death to innocent people and disgrace to many Jewish families. This time period was ruled by the powerful leader of the Nazis as they were know for. He was the chancellor of Germany, he was Adolf Hitler he was known as the greatest leader to all the Nazi’s party. Hitler came into power in the year of 1933. This Nazi’s party planned to exterminate all the Jewish. This event was called the “Final Solution” also known as the holocaust. The Holocaust was created to operate massive killing along with, death camps, concentration camps, resistance efforts, Warsaw-ghetto, and liberation. All these schemes were fabricated to massacre all the…show more content…
The second group was for the First Class Mischlinge known as the half Jewish. Half Jewish at least had two grandparents and did not practiced Judaism or have a Jewish spouse, and lastly, the last group was for the Second Class Mischlinge (one-fourth Jewish) for those who have 1 Jewish grandparent (L. Goss). In September 1935, they also passed another law called the Nuremberg Law. This excluded all Jews from public life, it also included a law that German and Jews are expelled from citizenship, marriages, extramarital sex between Jews and Germans. Also, all Jews had to wear the Yellow Star Of David upon their clothing to be recognized more easily or targeted during 1939, after World War 2 began. Then, anti-Jews over the next several years were excluded from places like parks, fired them from civil service jobs, made them register their property and prevented Jewish doctors to work on anyone other than Jewish patients (Rosenberg).

The Ghettos uprising. This was an establishment meant for only the Jews. After the beginning of World War 2, Nazis began ordering all Jews to begin migration to very specific areas in big cities called ghettos. All Jews were forced out of their homes and move into lower quality living environments and had to live or share with other families (Rosenberg). Some of these ghetto places were located in the cities of Bialystok, Kovno, Lodz, Minsk, Riga, Vilna, and Warsaw. The biggest of them all
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