The Holocaust Was The Systematic Killing Of Over 6 Million Jews

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The holocaust was the systematic killing of over 6 million Jews by the Nazis and their partners. Although many Jews were killed, many were also able to survive the gruesome times ahead of them, such as the Brichta Family and the Grossman Family. The Bricta family consisted of Hermann Brichta, Toni Brichta, Franz Brichta, and their close relative Fritz Wasservogel. Hermann Brichta was born on a farm in 1897 surrounded by neighboring Czechs. Hermann was an active participant in WWI and was discharged from the army in 1921. He was aware of his Jewish ancestry, but thought of it as a nationality, not a religion. Toni Bricta and Fritz Wasservogel were both born on June 26 1892 in Berlin. When they were the age of 10, their father died so there were sent to separate orphanages, Toni became the clerk of Berlin branch of the Allianz or at the Victoria of Berlin Life offices, and Fritz joined the Dresdner Bank straight from orphanage. Franz Brichta, born on January 30th, 1933 was the only one out of his entire family who was able to survive the holocaust. For the Bricta family, it all begin with their first encounter with the anti-Semitism, which included The anti-Semitic cartoons in display cupboards at street corners, the single bench in parks reserved for Jews, the many notices "Juden unerwünscht" (Jews not welcome).the family then moved to pargue from the capital of the Chez Republic to escape the restrictions set by the German government , once arriving at pargue the family

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